Sunday, September 11, 2011

Strap in, buckle up and prepare for some intergalactic audio combustion!

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[MS Records MS004 | Release Date: September 12. 2011]

The mad maestros of Maximalism have once again boarded their Outer Space Organ "OSO" for a blast-off headed straight to the magnetosphere, on a one-way mission to give the soundtrack for the dancing lights across the firmament. As the final installation taken from their album "Hello World", an extra-full tank of maximalism is injected into "Mushroomed", included on the EP with three brand-new remixes.

Right after take off we experience Monosurround's rework, which smashes the outstanding vocal performance by the australian vocalist VOiN onto an highly energetic, epic instrumental of gigantomanic dimensions.
Just escaping the shockwave we arrive at the olymp of the Greek duo The Lifers. They refine the vocals with a pinch of chaos only to torpedo them with an almost rogue-electrified synthie-background and cosmic drums. Reaching the most outer section of the galaxy we meet Monosurround's old friends ProCon. The Canadiens wait on with a divinely wicked e-punk reincarnation, enriched with Countess Christsmasher's raving vocals and 80's style Space-Age melodies.

Monosurround mission control has cleared this puppy for lift-off and the countdown is running, so strap in, buckle up and prepare for some intergalactic audio combustion!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rated "B" for BADASS! Monosurround - REworks out on March 21!

Monosurround - REworks [MS Records MS003 | Release Date: March 21. 2011]

In a time where a dark fog of bland, tasteless, toxic musical sludge clogs the airways and threatens to plug the ears of hapless victims across the world, the devotees of harmonic style desperately search for a hero, a savior which will pull them from the darkness and bring a bit of funk to their lives. Fortunately, they have two. And they wear spacesuits.

With a fate far worse than death menacing their fellow humans, the super-duo behind Monosurround returns with a vengeance, giving mankind not one, but four reasons to hope for a romping future. Their latest scheme comes in the form of a quartet of extravagant (re)works which put their unmistakable theatric approach to music composition boldly on display. Containing three ruthlessly relentless revamps from their own extensive catalogue and an exclusive, previously unleashed metamorphosized rendering of Canadian band ProCon's hit "Delia", Monosurround's high-octane thriller packs all of the explosive action which this blockbuster duo has been counted on to provide.

The feature presentation begins with "Exploring Bulgaria – Monosurround's Pathfinder Rework" setting an intense, heavy tone, highlighted by haunting vocal chants and a gnashing milieu of patient percussion, chipped effects and ethereal melodies. The action hits full throttle in the next act with Monosurround's Freeway Rework of ProCon's single "Delia", a tough-edged vocal number bringing together their trademark panache for pop flare with an unyielding dancefloor character crossing electro-house, techno and trance. The EP rushes through to its thrilling climax with "Granite Eyes – Monosurround's Voicebox Rework" taking the pilot's seat, steered by impassioned vocals and rocket-powered with a vigorously explosive fireball of synthetic fury. "Arma Mortal – Monosurround's Conflict Rework" brings a fitting close to the tempestuous tour de force, with a minimal philharmonic arrangement underlying a Spanish lyrical serenade, eventually giving way to a teasing finale that inevitably begs for a sequel.

Coming soon to a pair of ears near you. This EP has been rated B, for Badass.

David Smith, 2011

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We have some news for you!

We finished two works:

Both exclusive on MS Records.

And the "All Night Long" vinyl is now in all good vinyl shops. The digital release is on its way.

Cheers from Berlin

Ramtin and Erik

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Monosurround Website Launched!

Dear all,

we are happy to announce, that the new Monosurround website is now online, giving you an insight into the world of our Maximalsim.

CHeck it out and enjoy.

Peace, Ramtin & Erik

Friday, June 11, 2010

Interview on Virtual Advisor

Check out our latest interview, talking about music, maximalism and the future.
Virtual Advisor is an online magazine dedicated to electronic music in virtual worlds, whether it's Second Life, Blue Mars, or beyond. All genres from techno and deep house to dubstep and industrial are welcome with the emphasis on non-commercial, quality electronic dance music.

Ramtin & Erik

Saturday, June 5, 2010

All Night Long Remix Contest Winner!

Dear friends,

it is our pleasure to announce the two grand winners of the "All Night Long" remix contest:

The House Council
and Xyqph

Big thanks to all remixers spending their time and passion remixing our song.

Cheers and go on making good music!

Ramtin and Erik

Monday, April 5, 2010

Next Monosurround remixcontest on MS Records

Become a member of the group MS Records - Remix Contests and remix Monosurround -  All Night Long . The winnerremix will be released on MS Records (Vinyl / Digital). The contest ends : May 30th, 2010.